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At Affiniti Equities we are always looking for new pieces to cover. If you have a stock pick or idea for an article we hope you will reach out to collaborate on an article.

We firmly believe that the investment community thrives on the sharing of knowledge between investors. If you are interested in investing and are ready to share your voice with our expanding, global audience, please contact us at: hello@affinitiequities.com

We are looking for writers to specialize in short reports, macroeconomic trends, financial assets or instruments, political news affecting the market, and economic commentary.

Why write for us?

  • We get 10,000+ visitors daily, your content will be exposed to large audience.
  • The majority of our audience is from United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.
  • Your Content will be published under your name, and your social media links/website, will be included. most of our contributors experience gains in traffic/followers after they publish content for us.
  • All articles will be included in our daily Email Blast as well as published on all our socials, while totals 50,000+ followers.
  • Gain a Do-follow link to your website, and bolster your SEO.

Guidelines For Articles

  • All content must be original and not published elsewhere
  • If you are writing about a stock, make sure that its current PPS is $10+, for microcaps and penny stocks please refer to our sister brand Penny Stocks Today
  • English Only. Any Articles must be written in English and conform to journalistic standards. Any article written with software or AI will be rejected.
  • Article length should be a minimum of 500 words, more is better.
  • Well Researched, We prefer articles that are unique and well researched. As a rule of thumb if you can find information out there, then you need add your unique spin on it. For example, if you are doing technical analysis, adding charts and explaining which financial indicators you used, makes for a great article.
  • Edited. Spend a few minutes before submitting your article to make sure that there are no grammar mistakes and that article is well formatted, and the flow of the article make sense. 
  • No blatant promotion. While we allow backlinks to your own website. They have to make sense and be well placed. We don’t accept links to site that promote subscriptions or scams. If you are not sure if your link would be allowed or not, feel free to reach out to us first.